Did you know that condensed resin can significantly optimize your artifact domain farming? Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting out, understanding the potential of condensed resin in artifact domains is crucial for maximizing rewards and saving time. In this guide, we’ll delve into the impact of using condensed resin on artifact domains, uncovering its benefits and addressing common misconceptions.

Artifacts are vital for enhancing character abilities and playstyles in Genshin Impact. However, navigating artifact domains efficiently can be daunting. By exploring the feasibility of utilizing condensed resin in these domains, we aim to provide insights that will revolutionize your approach to farming artifacts.

Understanding Resin

Artifact Domains

In Genshin Impact, Resin is a crucial resource for claiming rewards from various activities such as domains, bosses, and Ley Line Outcrops. With a maximum capacity of 120, Resin regenerates over time. This resource is essential for players to progress and obtain valuable items in the game.

Artifact domains are special dungeons within Genshin Impact where players can acquire powerful artifacts to enhance their characters’ abilities. Each domain has unique requirements and offers different rewards. By completing these domains, players can significantly improve their character stats and overall gameplay experience.

Players need to utilize Resin when claiming rewards from artifact domains after successfully completing them. The use of Resin allows players to claim the valuable artifacts that are essential for enhancing their characters’ strengths and capabilities. Without using Resin in artifact domains, players will not be able to collect the rewards offered by these dungeons.

Efficient Farming

Efficiently farming artifact domains requires strategic management of Resin usage. Players must consider which specific artifacts they aim to obtain as each domain offers different sets of items based on its requirements. By efficiently managing their Resin consumption across various artifact domains, players can maximize the benefits gained from this limited resource.

When engaging in efficient farming practices within Genshin Impact’s artifact domains, it’s important for players to prioritize specific sets of artifacts that align with their characters’ needs or playstyles. For example:

If a player aims to enhance their support character’s healing abilities, they should focus on farming artifact domains offering items suitable for support roles.

Players seeking to boost their damage output may prioritize farming artifact domains that provide offensive-oriented artifacts.

Deciphering Resin Types

Original Resin

Efficient farming in Genshin Impact involves optimizing resin usage to maximize rewards. Planning your resin expenditure helps obtain desired artifacts efficiently. Prioritizing artifact domains based on your needs can save time and resources.

Using original resin is crucial for claiming rewards from artifact domains, as it’s the standard form of resin used in Genshin Impact. It regenerates at a rate of 1 per 8 minutes, making it a valuable resource for obtaining artifacts.

Condensed Resin

Condensed resin is a crafted item that serves as a substitute for original resin. It allows players to claim double rewards from artifact domains in a single run, enhancing efficiency and saving time. Crafting condensed resin requires 40 original resins and specific crafting materials.

Crafting condensed resin offers an advantage by enabling players to optimize their gaming experience by doubling the rewards obtained from artifact domains while conserving original resins for other activities or future use.

Fragile Resin

Fragile resins are consumable items that replenish all Original Resin when used. They provide flexibility in managing resins, especially during crucial moments when additional attempts at obtaining artifacts are necessary without waiting for natural regeneration.

Crafting Condensed Resin

Crafting Materials

Condensed resin is a valuable item in Genshin Impact that allows players to store Original Resin for later use. Fragile resin is another important resource, instantly replenishing a certain amount of Original Resin when used. It can be acquired as rewards or purchased from the in-game shop using primogems. Using fragile resin wisely can help in efficient farming during limited-time events.

Crafting condensed resin requires specific materials such as crystal cores, nectar, and slivers. These materials are essential components for creating condensed resin and other items. Players need to gather these materials through various activities like defeating bosses or completing quests.

Players have to weigh the pros and cons of using fragile resin versus crafting condensed resin based on their gaming strategy and goals.


Fragile resins provide instant replenishment of Original Resin.

Efficient farming with fragile resins during limited-time events.


Limited availability of fragile resins compared to crafted condensed resins.

The time-consuming process of gathering materials for crafting condensed resins.

Crafting Process

The process of crafting condensed resin involves collecting necessary materials before initiating the actual creation process. Once players have gathered crystal cores, nectar, and slivers from various activities like defeating bosses or completing quests, they can proceed with the crafting process.

After obtaining all required materials, players then navigate to the alchemy bench where they can craft condensed resins by combining these ingredients together. This allows them to effectively store up to three portions of Original Resin for future use.

It’s crucial for players to understand how best they should utilize their resources between making condensed vs fragile resins based on their current needs and priorities within the game.

Benefits of Condensed Resin

Double Rewards

Crafting condensed resin at the crafting bench in Mondstadt or Liyue allows players to double their rewards when used on artifact domains. By gathering the necessary materials and having enough original resin, players can craft condensed resin, which takes some time but provides a valuable resource for farming artifact domains.

This efficient use of resources enables players to claim double the amount of artifacts, adventure experience, and other valuable items from each run in artifact domains. For example, if a player would normally receive two artifacts from one run using original resin, they will now obtain four artifacts by using condensed resin. This means that players can significantly increase their collection of high-quality artifacts and enhance their characters’ abilities more quickly.

Using condensed resin is especially beneficial for those who want to progress faster in the game without spending an excessive amount of time grinding for rewards. Instead of running artifact domains multiple times to accumulate enough resources for character progression, utilizing condensed resin allows them to achieve the same results in half the runs.

Time Efficiency

The primary advantage of using condensed resin lies in its ability to maximize time efficiency when claiming rewards from artifact domains. By investing just a little extra effort into crafting this resource, players can save themselves a considerable amount of time during gameplay.

When engaging with artifact domains while using condensed resin, players effectively cut down on the number of runs needed to obtain desired items such as rare artifacts or adventure experience. This not only saves time but also reduces repetitive gameplay activities that may become monotonous over time.

For instance, instead of running an artifact domain six times with original resins to gather twelve artifacts and related rewards (adventure experience points), using only three runs with condensed resins yields twice as many rewards—twenty-four artifacts and double adventure experience points—significantly reducing grind-time while providing substantial benefits.

Maximizing Artifact Domain Runs

Strategic Planning

Using condensed resin in artifact domains is a strategic move that can significantly benefit players. By utilizing condensed resin, players can effectively reduce the number of runs needed to obtain rewards from artifact domains. This means that with double rewards in a single run, players have the opportunity to allocate their time more efficiently within the game. For those with limited gaming schedules, this time efficiency is crucial as it allows them to focus on other activities or explore different aspects of the game world.

For example, instead of spending multiple sessions solely on artifact domain runs to collect rewards, players can now use condensed resin and achieve the same results in fewer runs. This opens up opportunities for engaging in other gameplay elements such as quests, events, or simply exploring new areas within the game.

Strategic planning also involves deciding when and where to use condensed resin effectively. Prioritizing artifact domains with desirable rewards becomes essential in optimizing resin usage. By targeting specific domains that offer artifacts crucial for character progression or desired set bonuses, players can ensure they are making efficient use of their resources while progressing through the game.

Players who plan ahead and strategically utilize condensed resin will find themselves achieving efficient progression and resource management within the game environment.

When to Use Condensed Resin

Optimal Scenarios

Using condensed resin in Genshin Impact is crucial for managing resources effectively. Balancing the use of resin across various activities is vital for sustained progress. By strategically allocating resin, players can avoid resource wastage and ensure steady growth in the game.

For artifact domains specifically, utilizing condensed resin becomes highly beneficial when aiming to maximize rewards. When farming for specific artifacts or materials needed to enhance characters or build synergistic teams, using condensed resin can significantly boost efficiency and yield better results. Identifying these optimal scenarios helps players achieve their desired goals more effectively.

When engaging with artifact domains, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits of using condensed resin. Players looking to enhance their characters or build powerful teams will find that using condensed resin during artifact domain runs allows them to obtain valuable items more efficiently. This approach not only saves time but also ensures a steady supply of essential resources for character development.

Reward Maximization

By utilizing condensed resin during artifact domain runs, players can focus on obtaining specific artifacts or materials required for character enhancement without spending excessive time and effort. This targeted approach enables them to streamline their resource management while maximizing the benefits gained from each run.

In essence, identifying the most suitable scenarios for using condensed resin, particularly when focusing on artifact domains, empowers players to make strategic decisions that align with their long-term progression goals in Genshin Impact.

The Case Against Condensed Resin

Potential Drawbacks

Using condensed resin in artifact domains offers the potential for significant drawbacks. While it does increase the number of rewards obtained, this can lead to an overflow of artifacts that may not be suitable for your characters. More artifacts don’t always guarantee better ones; they might just result in more clutter and inventory management issues. Reward maximization through condensed resin can also lead to stronger gameplay capabilities, but only if the acquired artifacts are beneficial.

Obtaining a surplus of artifacts doesn’t necessarily translate into powerful sets or enhanced character stats. Without careful consideration, using condensed resin could result in wasted resources on subpar items that won’t contribute effectively to your gameplay experience.

Alternative Uses

Crafting condensed resin requires original resin, which might limit immediate usage. This means you’ll need to plan ahead and decide whether saving up original resin for crafting is worth delaying other activities such as farming talent materials or boss fights.

The limited availability of crafting materials may pose challenges in obtaining condensed resin regularly. If you’re unable to consistently craft condensed resin due to material shortages, its benefits become less reliable and potentially unsustainable over time.

Overusing condensed resin without proper planning can lead to inefficient resource allocation. It’s crucial to ensure that when you use it, you do so with a clear purpose and understanding of how it will benefit your overall progression within the game.

Managing Resin Effectively

Recovery Methods

Using condensed resin in activities like Ley Line Outcrops and bosses offers double rewards, just like artifact domains. This alternative use of condensed resin expands the possibilities for optimizing resin usage. For example, by strategically utilizing condensed resin across various activities, players can maximize their resource gains while minimizing the time spent waiting for natural recovery.

Exploring alternative uses of condensed resin not only allows players to efficiently manage their resources but also provides a sense of flexibility in gameplay. By diversifying the application of condensed resin, players can adapt their strategies based on current priorities and resource availability.

The ability to use condensed resin in different activities empowers players to make informed decisions about where and when to allocate this valuable resource. For instance, if a player is focusing on leveling up characters or weapons rather than obtaining artifacts at a particular moment, they can direct their condensed resin towards Ley Line Outcrops or boss battles instead.

Primogem Utilization

In addition to using condensed resin, there are other methods available for managing and recovering original resin reserves. Players have the option to wait for natural regeneration over time as one way to recover original resin without expending any additional resources.

Furthermore, fragile resins serve as an instant recovery method that promptly restores a portion of the original resin, providing flexibility in addressing immediate needs or opportunities within the game. These varied approaches enable players to tailor their usage based on specific circumstances they encounter during gameplay.

Moreover, Adventure Rank rewards and events present additional avenues through which players can replenish their original resin reserves. By participating in these aspects of Genshin Impact’s gameplay ecosystem, individuals have opportunities beyond standard regeneration rates or item consumption.

Exploring Genshin Impact’s Features

Battle Pass Rewards

Investing primogems in acquiring additional resin for efficient farming is a strategic move. Players can choose to use the primogems they earn from the Battle Pass rewards to purchase fragile resin from the in-game shop. This allows them to replenish their resin and continue farming artifact domains without having to wait for natural regeneration.

Balancing primogem usage between other game aspects and resin recovery is crucial. While using primogems for purchasing fragile resin can aid in artifact domain farming, players should also consider saving some primogems for other important uses such as obtaining new characters or weapons through wishes. It’s essential to weigh the benefits of investing primogems in resin against potential opportunities that may arise during gameplay.

Spiral Abyss Challenges

The Genshin Impact Battle Pass offers rewards, including fragile resin, at certain levels. These Battle Pass rewards play a significant role in helping players recover or obtain additional resin specifically for artifact domain farming. By strategically utilizing these rewards, players can enhance their overall gameplay progression by ensuring a steady supply of resin for frequent runs within artifact domains.

Strategic utilization of Battle Pass rewards not only aids in recovering or obtaining additional resin but also contributes to optimizing overall gaming experience and progress. For instance, by strategically planning when to claim these rewards based on upcoming events or content updates, players can ensure that they have an adequate supply of resources like condensed resins when needed most.


You’ve learned about the different types of resin in Genshin Impact and how condensed resin can be a game-changer for artifact domain runs. By crafting and using condensed resin strategically, you can maximize your rewards and efficiency in the game. However, it’s essential to balance its use with your overall resin management to ensure you make the most of this valuable resource.

Now that you understand the ins and outs of condensed resin, it’s time to put this knowledge into action. Experiment with using condensed resin on artifact domains, track your results, and adjust your approach based on your findings. Remember, in the world of Genshin Impact, every decision can impact your progress, so stay curious and keep refining your strategies. Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can condensed resin be used on artifact domains?

Yes, condensed resin can be used on artifact domains to claim rewards without spending original resin. It allows you to stockpile rewards for a later time when it’s more convenient or during events with increased drop rates.

How do I craft condensed resin?

Crafting condensed resin requires 1 crystal core, 40 original resin, and 100 mora at an alchemy bench. It takes 24 hours to condense one batch of original resin into a single condensed resin.

What are the benefits of using condensed resin?

Using condensed resin allows players to save time by claiming double rewards from domains or bosses in a single run. This is especially useful for efficient resource management and optimizing gameplay during limited-time events.

When should I use condensed resin?

You should use condensed resin strategically, such as when farming specific artifacts or talent upgrade materials that have higher drop rates during certain events. Save it for times when you can maximize your rewards and make the most out of each domain run.

Is there any downside to using condensed resin?

The only potential downside is if you forget to craft new batches regularly since it takes 24 hours per batch. Some players prefer using original resins immediately rather than saving them up for later use.


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